Royal London Hospital Physiotherapy  Old Students Association

2013 Meeting

Speaker: Sheila Leddington Wright (LH72-75) on her work with the World Transplant Games

2012 Meeting

Speaker: Prof Maria Stokes (LH 75-78).spoke about and illustrated ultrasound imaging of muscle in practice & research.

2011 Meeting

Speaker: Joan Piercy   'The School of Physiotherapy over 75 years'  

2010 Meeting Prof Beedham spoke about the history of Barts and the Royal London relating to Physiotherapy.

2009 Meeting Chris Barker

(Sharplin LH 63-66) spoke on her work at Sue Ryder Care at Stagenhoe.

2008 Meeting Susie Jones (Chaplin Rogers LH 67-70) spoke on "Behind the scenes at the

 London Marathon

"2007 Meeting - speaker Eileen Sutherland on Wheels for the World.