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Bistro Hours & Menus
(As of  February 20th 2021)

 Breakfast is in the Bistro or delivered  between 9 & 9.30am
Lunch is delivered between 12 noon and 1pm

Light snacks are available at lunch time
An afternoon tea tray can be booked at lunch time.

Food must be ordered in advance.
Examples can be found at the links on the right.

The breakfast menu form is available from reception. Orders must be placed by 3pm the preceding day.

The fixed lunch menu and weekly cycle ticksheet menu are delivered early each week and should be returned by 9am Friday.

The four weeks can be found here.

To fit your display size you may need to magnify and/or scroll through the 4 pages.   
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The breakfast menu is here, or as displayed at the Bistro.

The fixed bistro menu  (from last year)

For example a set of menus can be found  HERE

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An aftenoon menu is available and items may be ordered for collection / delivery with lunch.


The  Wellbeing Suite reopened 4th December 2020

4.2.7. Wellbeing Suite



Book with Dawn or the duty manager.

Open on Tuesday Thursday & Friday


4.2.2 Fire Alarm
.4.2a Site security/ Parking
 .2.3  Laundry
 .2.4  Lounge
4.2.5 Refuse and Recycling
4.2.6 Buggy / Cycle Store.2.
Wellbeing Suite

These items come from notices and posters that have been published over the last year.

Several may link to another web page.

Some of them may have been superceded so please check when it matters.

Access to the Lounge is subject to change.

No events at present - see the latest Newsletter here
Lounge – Aerobics, Beverages, Games, Jigsaw, Music, Quiz, TV.
The lounge is one large area so please check whether anything is planned before organising an event there. Events with music or sound took place on Sunday and Monday evenings, Tuesday and Thursday mornings on a regular basis,  

The Television has connections for HDMI, USB inputs and we have  a DVD player and Soundbar. Laminated instructions for the DVD player and TV are on the table next to it. The sound bar is controlled from the right hand end. (The control is missing.)


4.2.3. Laundry

   We are asked to use the laundry (on the first floor) only between 7 am and 7pm.  

 The washing machine drawers are quite high so please make certain the powders and liquids are put in the correct drawers - you do not want to rinse in soap powder.

After each tumble drier cycle you should wash the fluff filter.   

The machines are cleaned every night by staff.

Some of the User Guides are online:

Bosch Washing Machine User Guide (large pdf file)
Tumble Drier Guide (one page pdf summary - as on laundry noticeboard)

New condensing tumble driers  Manual (large  pdf file)



This is currently (December 2019) congested and the situation is under review.

Cycles are currently stored opposite the lift lobby, under the stairs.



4.2.2. Fire Alarm

The fire alarms are tested on Thursday mornings around 10am,  When this happens, the lifts will return to the ground floor and the wooden fire doors on each floor will close. They can still be opened if necessary.

After the test, apartment doors and fire doors will be stiffer to open the first time.

There are instructions for in the event of fire, in your black binders and on notices. To summarise, we have a “stay in apartment” policy. (Confirmed July 2020)

The alarms are intended for those in public spaces: if you are in the Bistro or Communal Lounge, stay there. In other communal areas you should go to the assembly point in the car park.

If you are prone to feeling unsteady remember to have your provided portable alarm with you when you go the recycling store or go for a walk in the garden..

A copy of the Fire Safety page can be displayed by selecting it here.

It will be on top of this page. To return here just close it.



4.2.2a Site Security & Parking

Entry to the building is by Key fob or using the number panels at the door.

Visitors can press CLEAR and your flat number to ask you to let them in. See pop up picture here (CLEAR & CALL will call the duty manager)

Entry and exit through the front and back gates is by pin number.

Entry and exit to the front garden from the main entrance is by room key.

There are no parking spaces for those who have not bought one.

You may let others into the car park briefly to collect or deliver - see security note.

TAXI information can be found under “transport


We are now in zone MF.

The road in front is in zone KC -  you can park free for up to 3 hours in marked spaces if you can find one.

See zones and maps on PCC site

In our MF Zone we can buy parking permits for ourselves and our visitors, online (RINGO), by email,  at the Library or Civic Offices and many post offices. Bought online they take effect immediately. Go to the council website for details. In MF, a permit is required to park between 11am and noon and beween 6 and 7pm.

For residents in a zone the council permit for your  first vehicle is £30 per year. Only residents can buy or authorise the visitor permits (12 hours £1.15, 24 hours £2.20 from January 2020).On sale on the Library.

Some other ideas:

Know who has a space and no car – see if you may borrow it

Perhaps you can you move yourself out before they arrive, then let them in to use your space

Direct them to the seafront car park just beyond the Beach Cafe - they will have to pay in summer.

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4.2.5. Refuse and Recycling

Please read the guidance - it probably differs from what you are used to. It is on the wall in the area and available  here. A method for WEEE recycling has been identified and is given there.

In summary

Green bins are for recycling. Black bins for all else, apart from glass bottles (small green bottle bin)

Non recycling should be wrapped or bagged.

Articles for recycling must not be wrapped.

Apart from glass bottles (small green bins) or plastic bottles (big green bins),
no other glass or plastic or shredded paper are being recycled. They would contaminate the green bins and stop the contents going to recycling.

Portsmouth City Council has a number of recycling trials around the city. We are not in one of those so conform to the original guidance on their website - apart from glass bottles. Details here    You may be asked to accept "Cookies"

In House

4.2.8. Other Location Guest Suites

Ask at reception for the nearest MCS site to your target area.

And its phone number. Payment will be by phone to the Bournemouth Office.