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Most  Tudor Rose Court  Kitchen Units are Woodbury white ivory   from Symphony  phone 01226 446610

The  worktop is “dark ash” (matt finish) .Now only available in silk finish.


Full symphony additional units catalogue ( large published in 2018) 2MB PDF file .
SEE KITCHEN DESIGN in Classified Ads



Wall Paint Crown Trade Covermatt Emulsion  “soft white”  (e.g. from Brewers at Pompey Centre 02392 821 611)
WALL TILES (Grey) Johnson-Tiles product GRIN1A (Grain Ash Matt)

WIP1: Apartment Facts

Don’t forget your welcome pack in the black cardboard box.

MVHR Ventilation System User Guide

MVHR  (Ventaxia) Maintenance contract offer, copy of the presentation
contact the administrator for more information.

HUI (Heat Exchanger) Maintenance Page

HUI (Heat Exchanger) Full Installation and Operation Manual - large file.

Bosch Washing Machine User Guide (large pdf file)
Tumble Drier (old) Guide (one page pdf summary - as on laundry noticeboard)

Tumble Drier (new) Manual for new condensing tumble driers  (large pdf file)

Central Heating Control User Guide
Honeywell Door Chime  Manual (Installation and User Guide)

Insurance Guide “ Your Life” added 9/4/2019
NHBC Warranty Guide (pdf document) is available  here (size 5MB)

WIP2:Building and Equipment User Guides

1. Introduction

Project description

Planning Policy Context

Public Consultation

Supporting Information

Recent Planning History

Extant Planning Permission

2 Site Analysis

Site Location

Historic Context

Site History

Seafront Context

Important Views

Listed Buildings

Immediate Surrounding Context

Building Heights /Scale

Flood Risk

3. Design Strategy

Design Principles

1. Repairing the block

2. Sea Views

3. Green Space

4. Scale and Massing

5. Flood Resilience

6. Defensible Space / Active Frontage

7. Siting and Alignment

8. Proportion

9. Materials

Comparison with Extant Planning permission


Height and Footprint

Design Evolution

4. Final Proposals

Site Plan as Proposed

Accommodation & Apartment Layouts

Elevations with Context

Detailed Elevations

Materials and Detailing

Visual Impact

Affect on Neighbours

Sun Path Analysis


Highways & Parking

Sustainability Statement

Access Statement

Refuse & Recycling Strategy

Natural Surveillance & Security




WIP0:  Newsletters and TRC documents -

WIP1: Kitchen Units and colours

WIP2: User Guides for Building & Equipment

WIP3: Architects Design & Access Statements for TRC (2014)

WIP4:  Planning Permission Documents

WIP5: Lease Agreement extracts

Architects  Statements for TRC (2014)
These are quite large pdf files.

Chapters 1&2                   Chapter 3               Chapter 4



This is a document in two parts from PCC website. It was produced when the appeal against its refusal was overruled. Part 1 explains that.  Part 2, starting on page 10 lists the planning conditions such as on the Garden (condition 16 and the Cycle store, condition 25.

Appeal Ref: APP/Z1775/W/15/3005296


Summary and index: The lease of your apartment  (you should own a copy)

Schedule 5: The Tenants Covenants (commitments)

Schedule 7:  Regulations to be observed by the Tenant. (Quite important)

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WIP0:  TRC Document Library

2020 Newsletters: November,  December, and Tier 4 update,

2021 Newsletters: January 8th  January 14th Updates
                           February  Covid status & Reminder
                           March      Looking ahead